Rahu : Rahu represents our heavy obsession, illusion, materialistic goal & unfinished desired, foreign elements, electronics things, north node of the moon who has only head without body, it breaks the traditional rules & regulations, think out of the box, rahu wants all kind of materialistic things – name – fame – power – position – status- achievement in most shortcut way by legally or illegally.

Moon: The Moon indicates the direction of thinking and responses to the problem. The moon directly controls the mind and emotions of each person. Moon indicates emotion, mind, imagination, mother, psychology, psychic ability, home, farming, family, care, milk, lactation, water, liquid, travel, patriotism, parenting etc.

When moon and rahu both together are placed in a house & come close to each other within less than 10 degrees, we call it moon rahu conjunction. When Rahu conjucts the moon in the horoscope it is called Grahan Yoga or Shakti Yoga depending on the energy.

Effects of this conjunction.

This conjunction can create heavy illusion, obsession in our mind because rahu is smokey virtual planet who has no physical existence but we can recognise it at the time of eclipse and it is the main karaka of illusion, obsession & heavy desire which can directly impact on our life if our emotional mind is getting influenced by it through close conjunction of moon rahu in a particular house.
Rahu is unconditional worldly desires who wants all materialistic things in this life. Now wherever he sits in a house of your chart, he wants to accomplish that house related goal & desire, so with moon it amplify that house related matter with emotions. When the Moon and Rahu are in conjunction, it can amplify fear, anxiety, and unusual depression.

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