Vish Yoga

According to the elements of Astrology, it is said that Vish Yoga is formed by the conjunction of Saturn and Moon in one’s Kundli and is considered inauspicious. It is said that any native who has this yoga in his/her birth chart suffers from all the difficulties during his/her lifetime. According to the Brihat Hora Shastra Granth, it is said that due to the combination of Saturn and Moon in one’s Kundli, he/she is born with a fair, hardworking, honest, and quiet nature.

            Causes of Vish Yoga

• Vish Yoga caused problems in the houses it is built or has created a connection.

• If Vish Yoga is in the second house, it will cause trouble for wealth collection. This will also cause a sorrowful childhood.

• That person does not like to talk too much. Since the moon is a symbol of motherhood, Vish Yoga has brought serious health to the mother, mother’s problems, or disagreements with her mother.

• The people of Vish Yoga are always sad in life and worried.

A very typical result of Vish Yoga is that it failed on the first attempt. It is called Vish yoga because it brings troubles and suffering.

• In this Yoga there is a tendency to depression and a negative view of things.

    When the moon and Saturn form
    conjunction, Vish Yoga appeared

• Saturn and the moon have a mutual aspect. Consider only the seventh aspect of Saturn on the moon. The third and tenth aspects of Saturn constitute the gentle form of Vish Yoga.

• The Moon and Saturn are mutually exchangeable signs (ie they produce Parivartana Yoga) such as the moon are in Aquarius and Saturn is in Cancer.

• The Moon and Saturn are interchangeable planetary wheels that govern them. The moon is in Uttar-Bhadrapada (Uttar-Bhadrapada) in the north under Saturn’s rule, and Saturn is in Rohini (Rohini) under the moon’s rule.

• Visha Yoga is the yoga formed by the relationship of Moon and Saturn, or the vish Yoga is formed due to the association of the moon with Saturn. This yoga is inauspicious Whereas in what way, which zodiac, etc. is being formed by the combination of Saturn moon Yoga? It all depends on them.

• In poison yoga when the moon (milk)gets along with Saturn( poison), then it evolves native negative thoughts.

• The moon is the mind, then the Saturn is sadness, depression and efforts in hard life when Saturn (struggle,) on the moon (mind) It is weak, in this mind is always struggling in every situation.

• Life may never be all rosy for people with Visha Yoga but that does not mean their existence is useless. What many see as a curse due to hardships and sufferings may certainly turn as a gift. As soon as Karma is proportional to the hard work and profession refined by Visha Yoga natives start giving them the desired achievement.


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