Planet Sun is compared as the King of all 9 planets. It’s position is in the center of all, and all the planets revolves around Sun. According to Vedic Astrology, its colour is saffron and there are 7 horses that pull Sun’s chariot. It is considered as the Soul of all living beings. Its light is responsible for the life on godly earth. It controls over human heart and eyes. It is a fire element planet and its nature is of acidness.

Surya shanti pooja is helpful very much if you are facing any professional or personal problems due to sun. Surya shanti pooja is necessary if debilitated sun or malefic sun is going on in mahadasha or antardasha. Because at this time person will face the most dangerous impacts of sun.

Importance Of The Planet Sun

• If the Sun is afflicted or not that influential in someone’s kundli, then they have to face several problems throughout their life.

• Sun’s unfavourable impact on one’s horoscope makes the person egoistic, depressed, confident, inferior, jealous, enraged, ambitious, self-centred and arrogant.

Due to its negative effects, all the hard work starts going downhill and gradually, the person starts losing his/her confidence.

•  Surya Dosha also creates jealousy among the natives, along with the loss of honour and respect in society.

• In addition, the Sun represents the father in the birth chart of the native and is the benefactor of fame, success, social status, government job etc.

Mantra for Sun Remedies

Mantra have much importance in spirituality, religion or astrology. The power of Mantras can not be reduced as they produce high quality vibrations that connects us to the supreme. There are several religious songs in Veda that tells us about different types of Mantras and their effects.

Fasting for Sun Planet

Fasting is a way to purify your inner self and to ask the God for penance by keeping your soul, mind and body clean. If you wish to appease Sun, you should keep fasting on Sundays. During these fasts, you must consume only sweet food, and that too only once in whole day.

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