Shani in 12th House According to Lal Kitab

Things You Should Know about Shani in 12th House According to Lal Kitab

The Lal Kitab is a very famous book in astrology studied by almost every astrologer in their career. It provides a deep insight into the effects of various planets on your life according to their placements. People are often concerned about the placement of their Shani(Saturn) in the horoscope. The horoscope has a total of 12 houses among which the 12th is the most mysterious. It is because the twelfth house rules over multiple aspects related to the end of life, spiritual journey, and unconsciousness. Lal Kitab Shani 12 House provides remedies and effects of the planet in the house.

Saturn gives effects to individuals according to their deeds or karma in life. Saturn in 12th house becomes strong and further strengthens his powers. This means if your deeds were good in the past and present, you will have positive effects otherwise you may face negative effects.

Let us have a look at both the positive and negative effects Saturn might give you if it is positioned in the twelfth house.

Positive Effects of Shani in 12th House

As written in the Lal Kitab, Shani in 12th House comes with challenges. But you can reap positive results by following some easy remedies told in the book. When Saturn is placed in the 12th house, it can bring growth opportunities and makes a path toward spiritual growth. Here are some of the potential positive effects the planet can offer you.

  • The Lal Kitab 12th House Astrology tells that Saturn in this house fosters more focus, a sense of discipline, and responsibility. Individuals become more and more focused on their goals promoting growth both personally and professionally.
  • Lal Kitab Shani 12 House creates perseverance and the individual may become more resilient. It means that the person will face challenges head-on and develop the inner strength to navigate through difficult situations and overcome obstacles.
  • When Shani occupies the twelfth house, it creates a path toward spirituality and inspires them to indulge in spiritual activities. It helps in developing a strong connection with the inner self and encourages self-reflection and the pursuit of spiritual wisdom.

Negative Effects of Shani in 12th House

According to Lal Kitab, the placement of Saturn in 12th House holds specific significance and can bring about unique effects on various aspects of life, including love life. When Shani occupies the 12th house, it is believed to create a sense of isolation and detachment in relationships. This positioning can lead to challenges in expressing emotions freely, making it difficult for individuals to form deep emotional connections with their partners. Below are some negative effects you may face due to the positioning of Shani in your 12th house.

  • The 12th House Astrology tells us that the individual might face financial difficulties at some point. They might face difficulty in accumulating and holding wealth. The individual might also face some setbacks in some financial endeavors.
  • If your Shani is present in your twelfth house, it may cause the individual to have a sense of isolation and loneliness. They might face difficulties in expressing their feelings and emotions freely.
  • Shani in 12th House promotes a sense of responsibility that could cause them to worry and overthink certain things. It may cause some sort of anxiety and depression.
  • This placement can cause some hurdles and delays in professional growth. Individuals may encounter slower progress and face more challenges in reaching the goal compared to others

Some Simple Remedies to Reduce Negative Effects of Saturn in 12th House

There are many Lal Kitab Shani 12 House remedies that you can perform to reduce the negative effects on your life. All of these are simple and easy-to-perform remedies that do not require spending excess money. Here are some of the remedies written in the Lal Kitab.

  • Regularly feed birds, especially crows to calm you Shani, and reduce the negative effects it might cause. Feeding black sesame seeds to birds will get you the most prominent results.
  • Donating to the needy and indulging in acts of charity will help you reduce the malefic effects of Saturn in 12th House.
  • Regularly light a mustard oil lamp in the evening in a calm and peaceful place.
  • Meditating and occupying yourself in spiritual activities will greatly help you reduce the negative effects. Regular meditation will help you calm your mind and develop inner strength and resilience.


To conclude, we can say that Shani in 12th House can be both positive and negative in your life. Remember that these are all general effects and remedies. The effects can deviate based on the positioning of other planets in your horoscope. It is better to get counsel from an expert astrologer to know if your Saturn has positive and negative effects.

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