Jyotish : The Science of Soul and Karmik Mathmatics





What is Jyotish Shastra?
Before we answer this, we would like to answer the question as to whether one should believe in astrology or not? The simple answer is yes and as we go along you will discover why. Jyotish is a vast subject – just as there are an infinite number of planets and Jyotish teaches us about them, this subject too then is almost limitless. Jyotish Shastra can be broken into two parts – Jyotish meaning ‘the science of light and heavenly bodies’ and Shastra meaning the ‘teaching and knowledge of a particular stream or field’. As an important and indivisible part of the Vedas, Jyotish Shastra is the teaching and knowledge of the future. As humans, we are constantly troubled by our present and consistently worried about the future, especially in times of duress and crisis. Jyotish Shastra is a highly absorbing and interesting subject with a wide range of enchanting, exciting, and stimulating facts.

Who is a Jyotish?

A Jyotish is a teacher, a mentor, and someone who is expected to guide and enlighten the ‘soul’ and people about every aspect of life. She or he is akin to the sun – spreading light and knowledge to all without prejudice. The sun shines on and for all – making no distinction between people, so also a Jyotish is expected to behave and emulate the qualities of the sun.
A Jyotish is highly revered and looked upon for guidance and direction. As per the scriptures, Lord Krishna’s parents consulted Garg Muni before naming their child. It was Garg Muni who gave the child the name of Krishna. The light and knowledge of Jyotish Shastra is unending and hence there is no limit to which this light and knowledge can be distributed. A Jyotish therefore is someone who must be unselfish and limitless – giving without bias. Just as the sun created and sustains life on Earth and never stops nurturing, so also a Jyotish must be! Jyotish Shastra is all about becoming one with the sun since this enables a Jyotish to perceive and ‘see’ all – past, present, and future. It is the job of a Jyotish to burn darkness, warm the soul, strengthen the body, and elevate the mind. The essence of a Jyotish is to give – unconditionally and unfailingly.

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