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  • As we have stated earlier that White sapphire is the Gemstone of planet Venus, thus this Gemstone directly impacts on its wearer’s wealth levels. It is considered as an excellent stone for judiciously gaining of wealth.
  • Venus is regarded as the planet of beauty and luxury, White sapphire offers its wearer an attracting personality. The wearer of this stone becomes very attractive and charming. White sapphire stone is regarded as the best stones for the singer, artists, people in public relations, creative field and event management etc.
  • This gemstone is one of the superb stone for joy and harmony in love relationships. Moreover, It excellently works healing trauma and abusive relationships.
  • The White sapphire stone enhances its wearer’s personality, confidence and self-esteem. Also, it removes complexes and fears.
  • This Sapphire stone boosts up the immunity levels and gifts good health to the wearer. It is very beneficiary for reproductive health.
  • White sapphire gemstone protects against evil spells, evil eye and hexing.
  • In the case of nightmares, this gemstone is very helpful and helps its wearer to get a peaceful sleep.
  • This gemstone enhances the beauty of the body. The wearer of a White Zircon gets the strong Powers of attraction.
  • It is very beneficiary for the pregnant woman as it helps the mother delivers a healthy baby without any difficulty.

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