Genuine Cats’s Eye


Cat’s Eye Gemstone is a valuable gemstone that resembles the eyes of a cat with its unique patterns and colors. It is a dominant gemstone with exceptional healing abilities, high intensity, energy, and enthusiasm. This elegant and intense gemstone owns a pretty different look than the other gemstones. 

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  • Cat’s eye gemstone helps reinforce the position of planet Rahu and Ketu in the native Kundali.

  • Ketu is the ascendant of religiosity. Wearing a Cat’s eye stone improves your spiritual abilities.

  • As Ketu signifies grief and anguish, this blessed stone aids in deflecting sadness from your life.

  • It is a gemstone that draws equanimity within and around you. Along with this, it helps reduce attachments with worldly desires.

  • Cat’s Eye Stone can defeat the adverse impact of other malefic planets in Kundali.

  • Besides, if you own a powerful Ketu, this gem can do wonders in making your life better. Also, this stone can help you get marvelous results in both personal and professional life and bring happiness, peace, and prosperity.

  • In Vedic Astrology, Ketu symbolizes the South Moon node. Hence, it denotes expeditious wealth loss, ill luck, poor health, and mental problems. With the help of Cat’s eye gemstone, you can achieve the positive benefits of Ketu and limit the negative.

  • Cat’s eye gemstone helps induce good fate. Also, people in marketing, trading, and shares can take advantage of this stone.

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