Lal Kitab Remedies for Problems in Married Life:

Lal Kitab Remedies for Problems in Married Life: Unlock the Ancient Astrological Secrets

In the Hindu religion, marriage is a huge aspect of a person’s life. Often people face many issues related to marriage like constant delay, not getting suitable partners, or problems after marriage. These issues affect the mental and physical aspects of every person. Such problems should be solved immediately to ensure a happy and healthy married life. The book known as Lal Kitab provides a variety of solutions for all these problems. These are commonly termed as Lal Kitab Remedies and work wonders when followed properly and wholeheartedly.

The planets Moon, Mars, and Mercury affect the married life of every couple. Each of these planets has different effects. For example, the moon can cause a lack of emotional connection between partners. It will cause reduced compassion towards each other. Another example is Mars which causes misunderstandings between husband and wife. It also creates differences in the lifestyles of both partners causing further issues.
When facing such issues, you should follow the remedies mentioned in the lal kitab to ensure a peaceful and happy married life. Let’s take a look at the various Solutions Lal Kitab Remedies for Problems in Married Life. We are sure that you will reap the benefits if you follow the solutions wholeheartedly. Let us dive into the world of astrology.

Some Prominent Causes of Problems in Married Life

Everyone wants to lead a happy, intimate, and joyful married life with their partners. But sometimes, even after putting in all your efforts, your marital life may not be ideal. The wrong positioning of Mars and Moon can cause many differences between couples. The Lal Kitab Remedies address all problems regarding these planets and provide complete solutions.
There are 2 major causes of problems in married life. The first one is due to a lack of intimacy and understanding among couples. It is majorly caused by the effect of the moon as it is the planet of emotions and feelings. The second reason is the inability to conceive children after countless efforts. However, all these problems can be cured with Astrological Remedies for Happy Married Life mentioned in the Lal Kitab.

Lal Kitab Remedies to Increase Love and Intimacy Between Partners

Maintaining a flare of love and romance between partners is essential for the success of a marriage. Lack of affection and intimacy can cause huge problems and it is essential to solve them as soon as possible. The following Lal Kitab Remedies will help you rekindle the love and intimacy with your partner.

      • Negative energies can cause a lot of issues between partners. These energies should be expelled from the house immediately. Washing the floor of your house with salt water will remove all the negative energy and bring happiness. Make sure to perform this at least once a week and if you have the time, do this daily for quick results.

      • The wife should wear yellow or golden bangles. It will bring harmony and peace to married life. The Vedic Remedies for Happy Married Life tells us that the yellow color denotes the boundless happiness of the bride after her marriage.

      • Whenever you or someone else brings fruits or sweets into the house, make sure to present them first to gods, then to elders, and finally the couple can have them. Doing this will bring you blessings from gods and elders.

    Lal Kitab Remedies to Bear Healthy Children

    After a couple has been married for some years, they start planning to expand their family. Bringing a new life to this world is a pure event that brings happiness and joy to a family. If a couple is not able to bear children after their countless efforts can cause many issues. There are many Lal Kitab Remedies that help in conceiving and bringing a child into the physical world. Here are 5 powerful remedies that you can follow to resolve all your problems

        • Offer prayers to Lord Ganesha with complete devotion and a pure mind. Another name of Lord Ganesha is Vighnaharta meaning the remover of all obstacles. He will remove all obstructions from your life.

        • The Lal Kitab Remedies for Good Married Life provides deep insights into the problems. Another strong remedy is making your Venus strong. Having a strong Venus will result in easy conception of the child and the newborn baby will have good luck.

        • Donating milk at a place of worship will help you easily conceive a child.

        • If any female is not blessed with a child due to any reason, she should roll two chapati filled with split bengal gram(Chana dal) and jaggery(Gud) to cows.

        • Mercury has a negative effect when trying to conceive a child. Women should wear a yellow thread around their necks to weaken mercury. It will help you in conceiving a healthy baby.

      A Final Thought

      Unhappy circumstances between a couple after marriage can happen due to many reasons. It can be because of reducing emotional connection, or lack of intimacy between the husband and wife. Another reason could be the inability to bear a child after many attempts. We have discussed various Lal Kitab Remedies to remove all the obstacles in  your way of a successful and happy married life. If you follow these solutions wholeheartedly and with pure intentions, you will surely get positive results.

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