Karmic Debts: Know Your Past Life Debts and Their Remedies!

Karmic Debts: Know Your Past Life Debts and Their Remedies!

Have you ever felt that certain events in your life are interconnected? Perhaps you have encountered recurring challenges or encountered certain individuals who seem to trigger intense emotions. These intriguing patterns may be a result of the fascinating concept known as karmic debts or Past Life Debts. The belief in reincarnation, prevalent in many cultures and spiritual traditions, suggests that our souls embark on a journey across multiple lifetimes. Along this journey, we accumulate karmic debts, which are the consequences of our actions in past lives. These debts can shape our present circumstances and influence our future destinies.

In this blog, we will dive deep into the realm of karmic debts, exploring the notion that our current lives are entwined with unresolved issues from our past incarnations. We will unravel the mysteries of these debts, their origins, and their impact on our spiritual growth. Understanding karmic debts can shed light on the challenges we face, the relationships we encounter, and the lessons we must learn in this lifetime. Gain awareness of your past-life Karma with the help of experts of Astropathshala and seek remedies to strive towards healing and balance.

What are Past Life Debts?

Past Life Debts, explored through the lens of astrology, suggest that our present circumstances and experiences are influenced by unresolved issues from our previous incarnations. According to this belief, our soul travels through multiple lifetimes, accumulating karmic debts along the way. Karma, a fundamental principle in various spiritual and philosophical traditions, refers to the cosmic law of cause and effect. It suggests that our actions, thoughts, and intentions create a ripple effect that shapes our present and future experiences. Karma implies that every action has consequences, and these consequences may extend beyond our current lifetime.

In the context of previous life debts, it is believed that certain actions and behaviours from previous lives create imbalances or Past Life Reactions that carry forward into our current existence. These unresolved matters may manifest as challenges, recurring patterns, or intense emotions in our present lives.

Astrology plays a significant role in understanding past life karma. It suggests that the positions and alignments of celestial bodies at the time of our birth can provide insights into our karmic imprints and unresolved issues. Astrologers analyze birth charts to identify potential karmic debts and their influence on various aspects of our lives, such as relationships, careers, and personal growth.

Recognizing and understanding previous life debts (कर्ज पिछले जन्म का) can offer profound insights into the challenges and experiences we face in our current lives. By gaining awareness of these debts, we can work towards resolving them, seeking remedies, and ultimately finding healing and spiritual growth.

Astrological Connection Between You and Karmic Debts

The fascinating world of Astrology unveils a profound connection between our individuality and the karmic debts we carry. By analyzing our birth charts, astrologers can identify planetary placements that indicate the presence of Past Life Debts and their impact on our lives.

Certain planetary aspects, such as challenging aspects or conjunctions, may indicate the areas of life where karmic debts are likely to manifest. For example, a challenging aspect between Saturn and Venus could suggest unresolved relationship issues from past lives that need to be addressed in this lifetime. Additionally, the positioning of the lunar nodes, namely Rahu and Ketu, can offer valuable clues about the Past Life Reactions that will affect us in this lifetime.

By understanding the astrological connection between us and our Past Life, we gain a deeper comprehension of our life’s purpose and the lessons we are here to embrace. Armed with this knowledge, we can navigate our paths with greater awareness, actively working towards resolving our karmic imbalances and fostering personal growth and spiritual evolution.

Remedies to Repay Your Past Life Debts

According to Astrology, various remedies can help us repay our previous life debts (पिछले जन्म का कर्ज चुकाएं) and find balance in our present lives. Here are some of the most suggested remedies:

1. Rituals and Offerings: Engage in specific rituals or offer prayers to deities associated with the planetary energies related to your karmic debts.

2. Charity and Service: Engaging in acts of kindness and charity can help alleviate karmic debts. Donate to charitable organizations, volunteer your time and skills, or contribute to causes that resonate with you.

3. Meditation and Spiritual Practices: Regular meditation and spiritual practices can create a harmonious connection with the divine energies and aid in the purification of the soul. Practices such as yoga, chanting, or mindfulness can help release Past Life Debts and facilitate spiritual growth.

4. Astrological Gemstones: Wearing gemstones associated with specific planetary energies can help balance and harmonize those influences in your life.

5. Remedial Measures for Malefic Planets: If certain planets in your birth chart are considered malefic or heavily afflicted, astrologers may suggest specific remedial measures such as performing specific poojas (rituals), wearing specific talismans or yantras, or reciting specific mantras associated with those planets.


In conclusion, delving into the realm of Karma and understanding its impact on our present lives opens a pathway to self-discovery and growth. By recognizing the signs, exploring astrology’s insights, and embracing the suggested remedies, we can actively work towards repaying our Past Life Debts. Through rituals, service, meditation, gemstones, and regression therapy, we have the tools to balance our karmic imprints and find liberation. Embracing this journey of healing and resolution allows us to pave the way for a more harmonious and purposeful existence, breaking free from the chains of the past and stepping into a brighter future. If you want to know whether you have any debts creating Past Life Reactions in your current lifetime, book an appointment on Astropathshala. Our expert astrologers will guide you through your birth chart and your karmic debts. You will get effective personalized remedies to repay your debts. Also, if you want to Learn Astrology, enroll in our carefully curated courses taught by the best astrology teachers in the industry.

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