Guru Purnima is celebrated to honor our teachers, who show correct Path to us.

In the religious scriptures of Hinduism and Buddhism, the festive event of Guru Purnima is not only considered important, but also sacred. As per these age-old cultures, a Guru, a teacher is next to God, and therefore an integral part of the society and its building process. This year, the auspicious day of Guru Purnima will be celebrated on July 13, 2022.

Guru Purnima is celebrated on the full moon day in the Hindu month of Ashadha which is from June to July month.

According to Vedic Astrology this year Guru Purnima is very favorable and special. This year, devotees who will perform puja are likely to get success very soon.

Gururbrahma Gururvishnu Gururdevoh Maheshvarah….|

Guru Sakshata Param Brahmah Tasmai Shri Gurave Namah….||

Meaning : Oh teacher, you are akin to the Gods. You are Lord Vishnu and you are Lord Shiva – the God of the Gods. Oh teacher, you are the supreme being, and you are Lord Brahma for me. Thus, oh revered teacher, I bow in front of you.

What We Should Do On This Day?

  1. Meet the person who is your Guru.
  2. Shri Aadi Shankaracharya is considered the Jagatguru (everyone’s teacher) as per the Vedic scriptures.
  3. You may worship Him on this day.Guru’s Guru – Guru Dattatreya – should also be worshipped.
  4. You may also recite Dutt Baavani.
  5. In Vedic Astrology, Jupiter (Brihaspati) is called as the Guru – the teacher or the signifier of higher education and ideals – you may worship Lord Jupiter on this day

Guru Purnima (Poornima) is a tradition dedicated to all the spiritual and academic Gurus, who are evolved or enlightened humans, ready to share their wisdom, based on Karma Yoga. It is celebrated as a festival in India, Nepal and Bhutan by Hindus, Jains and Buddhists.

There is an ancient slokas derived from the scriptures to summarizes the significance of a Guru. “Gurur Brahma, Gurur Vishnuhu, Guru Devo Maheswaraha,Guru Saakshaat Parabhrahma, Tasmai Sri Gurve Nam”. A ‘Guru’ is remembered with great devotion and reverence. A Guru is the one who has been given significance more than God. He teaches life lessons to people and lead them to glory.

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