Foundation Astrology Course

Starting From 19th December
12 Online Classes
Days: Monday to Friday
Time: 11:00 pm

About Your Teacher

Shri Pratap Sheel Ji

(Vedic Astrologer)

       Shri Pratap Sheel Ji is an Expert and Experienced Vedic Astrologer and Teacher. he teaches astrology and also writes a lot on this subject. Along with this, he is extensively involved in Astrological research. Despite having immense knowledge about astrology, he believes in ever enhancing his knowledge and skills about this field and hence, he always pursues new courses, attends seminars and other training programs.
       Pratap Sheel ji is teaching astrology since last 10 years and he taught various types of course Exp; Vedic Astrology (Basic & Advance), Wealth Astrology, Love, Marriage & Relationship.

Shri Pratap Sheel Ji

(Vedic Astrologer)

Course Features

Why should we do the course from Astro Pathshala?

This is your ‘home and school’ for the simplest and most trusted online Vedic Sciences courses – delivered to you by the best at your convenience. Learn Vedic Astrology, Palmistry, Ayurveda Astrology, Vastu, Medical Astrology, Numerology, KP Astrology, Tarot Card, Lal Kitab, Mantra Vigyan, Gemology, Yoga and Meditation, and more from the comfort of your home or office.

Who can do Foundation Astrology Course?

Course Overview

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What Will You Learn in the Foundation Astrology Course?
12-Day Course Plan

A. Concept of Jyotish

1. Meaning of Jyotish and Karma Theory
2. Concept of Adhyatma and Atma in Jyotish
3. Brief History of Jyotish- Rishi Parampara

B. Concept of Rashi Chakra- All about Zodiac Signs

4. Knowing the inner meaning of Tatva (Pancha Tatva)
5. 12 Zodiac signs- What they actually mean
6. Their Main Characteristics like
           a. Symbol
           b. Lord
           c. Tatva
           d. Guna
           e. Movability
           f. Merits and Demerits
           g. Direction
           h. Caste
           i. Gender
           j. Color
           l. Profession
           m. Friendship with other Signs
           n. Lucky Number
           o. Lucky Day
           p. Lucky Gemstones
7. Birth Sign and its Signification
8. Ascendant Sign and its Signification
9. How Birth Sign and Lagna Sign act and influence the person differently
10. Description of 12 Houses.
11. Introduction of 09 Planets.

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Written Testimonials

Laxmi Sadhwani -

I am very impressed with Astro Pathshala. It’s well thought out and organized. The modules are simple and short, yet contain all the needed info. The instructors were great, and everyone has been extremely helpful. I’ve had a lot of experience with institutions of education, and this is definitely the best I’ve had.

Ramji Lal -

I am really enjoying learning about this, it feels like I’m starting an adventure. I have a newfound appreciation for the planets.

Shalini -

Fantastic course. Anyone can learn astrology now. Waiting for advance course to learn more.

Meena Marya -

I love how you teach in the ancient method of asking yet more questions in order to get the juices flowing in our brains; to bring our curiosity to life. Teachers in general need to do that more often

Pranshu Sharma -

I am a student in your fundamental course and have learnt a lot. thank you for putting together such an amazing course. Big fan of your teachings. Will continue to learn as much as I can.


A1. Every Moday to Friday at 11:00am

A2. All the live sessions are conducted on Zoom, so they’re super easy to join with your laptop, tablet, or phone.

A4. We strongly suggest that you attend all live sessions, learn and practice with the instructor. In case you miss a session for some reason, we share the session recording everyday on the group for you to watch and come prepared for the next live session.

A6. Just drop us a WhatsApp using the button below and we will get in touch or you can call us on our contact number.

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