Basic Numerology Course

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Basic Numerology Course

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About Course

Astropathshala invites you on a transformative journey to the world of Basic Numerology. Learn the initial concepts of numerology through our comprehensive Online Astrology Course. Whether you’re a curious beginner or an astrology enthusiast, this course is designed to provide you with a solid foundation in the art of Numerology.

Our Numerology course is carefully curated by seasoned astrologers and numerologists. Through a series of interactive lessons, practical exercises, and insightful case studies, you will Learn Astrology and develop a deep understanding of the fundamental principles of Numerology.

During this course, you will learn how to calculate and interpret birth numbers, life path numbers, destiny numbers, and various other important numerological factors. After you Learn Numerology, you’ll be able to predict:

  • Personality traits and characteristics
  • Life purpose and destiny
  • Compatibility in relationships
  • Career and professional paths
  • Health and well-being
  • Financial prospects and opportunities
  • Timing of significant life events
  • Inner strengths and challenges
  • Personal growth and self-awareness

Unlock the secrets of Numerology and gain invaluable insights into yourself and the world around you. Enroll in our Basic Numerology course today and embark on an illuminating journey of self-discovery and cosmic understanding.

At Astropathshala, we believe that quality education should be accessible to all. That’s why we offer this Online Astrology Course at the most affordable prices without compromising the integrity and richness of the course content. Our user-friendly learning platform allows you to study at your own pace, making it convenient for individuals with busy schedules.

Don’t miss this opportunity to Learn Astrology and numerology. Join us at Astropathshala and empower yourself with the wisdom of the stars.

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What Will You Learn?

  • 1. Numerology and solar system
  • 2. Significance of numbers
  • 3. Numbers attributes, colour, health and gemstone
  • 4. Primary number
  • 5. Life path number
  • 6. Heart desire number
  • 7. Personality number
  • 8. Relationship number
  • 9. Study of date of birth with example
  • 10. Lo shu grid
  • 11. Missing numbers in your life
  • 12. Remedies for missing numbers
  • 13. How to choose right profession
  • 14. How to choose best mobile number
  • 15.How to choose your house number
  • 16. How to choose your car number
  • 17. Choosing right colour for your company logo
  • 18. Favourable direction of your life
  • 19. Numerology used in Vastu
  • 20. Wealth by numbers
  • 21. Relationship numerology.

Course Content

Basic Numerology Course

  • Basic Numerology Course-1
  • Basic Numerology Course-2
  • Basic Numerology Course-3
  • Basic Numerology Course-4
  • Basic Numerology Course-5
  • Basic Numerology Course-6
  • Basic Numerology Course-7
  • Basic Numerology Course-8
  • Basic Numerology Course-9
  • Basic Numerology Course-10
  • Basic Numerology Course-11
  • Basic Numerology Course-12
  • Basic Numerology Course-13
  • Basic Numerology Course-14
  • Basic Numerology Course-15
  • Basic Numerology Course-16

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Material Includes

  • - Certificate of Completion by Astro Pathshala
  • - Can use our Establish Platform to Showcase Your Talent if you learn it properly
  • - Ongoing Support if you chose to remain attached with Astro Pathshala
  • - Live Classes with the Pace You Understand
  • - Will get recording of every class
  • - In between and Class End Doubt Clearing Sessions
  • - Will get Notes on Subject
  • - Study Material as PPT
  • - One Mega Workshop with GuruJi of a doubts clearing session.


  • - No programming skills or special tools are necessary to take this course
  • - You just need a smartphone or laptop or computer with Internet access and zoom app.