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Prashna Kundali

Astropathshala, the leading online astrology teaching and consultation platform, proudly presents the course on “Prashna Kundali.” Our comprehensive course is designed to provide aspiring astrologers with a deep understanding which is an invaluable tool in the realm of Vedic Astrology. With the highest quality content available in the industry, we aim to empower our students


Rin Bandhan Workshop

Discover the profound wisdom of Lal Kitab and its transformative power with our course on “Rin Bandhan” at Astro Pathshala. In this comprehensive program, you will enter the realm of Red Book astrology, learning its unique principles and practical remedies to harmonize your karmic debts.   Through expert guidance and interactive sessions, you will gain


Tantra Mantra Astrology Course

Astropathshala, the leading online astrology teaching platform in the industry, is delighted to present a comprehensive course on Tantra Mantra Astrology. This course offers a profound understanding of the ancient practices of tantra, mantra, and astrology, empowering individuals with the knowledge to unlock the mysteries of the universe and harness its energies for personal and


Lal Kitab Remedies Course

Presenting the “Lal Kitab Remedies” online astrology course carefully crafted by the expert astrologers of Astropathshala. Learn the intricate secrets of Lal Kitab from the industry’s best online astrology teaching platform. In this comprehensive online course, participants will dive deep into the simple and easy-to-perform remedies, learning how to implement them for real-life problems. Throughout


Panchang Jyotish and Kundli Milan Course

Astropathshala, the leading online astrology teaching platform in the industry, presents a comprehensive course on Panchang Jyotish and Kundli Milan. This course is designed for astrology enthusiasts and aspiring astrologers who wish to Learn Astrology and gain expertise in analyzing horoscopes for compatibility. The course covers two essential aspects of Vedic astrology: Panchang Jyotish and


Kundalini Tantra & Jyotish Course

Kundalini Tantra and Jyotish Astropathshala offers a comprehensive course on “Kundalini Tantra and Jyotish” that combines the ancient wisdom of Kundalini Tantra with the profound knowledge of Jyotish (Vedic Astrology). This course provides a unique opportunity to explore the mystical aspects of Kundalini awakening and its integration with the principles of Jyotish. Introduction to Kundalini


Love, Marriage & Relationship Astrology Course

Welcome to the realm of Love, Marriage, and Relationship Astrology by Astropathshala. This specialized course is designed to unlock the profound insights and secrets hidden within the celestial realm, empowering you to navigate the intricate dynamics of love, marriage, and relationships with wisdom and foresight. This course will help you find out Exactly when you


Basic Vastu Course

Astropathshala, the leader in the online astrology teaching industry, presents “Basic Vastu,” an enlightening astrology course designed to introduce students to the fascinating realm of Vastu Shastra. This comprehensive course combines the fundamentals of astrology and Vastu to provide a solid foundation for understanding the principles and applications of Vastu in daily life. Through this


Ayurveda Astrology Course

Ayurveda is an ancient medicine system of the Indian subcontinent. It is said to have originated in India about 5000 years back. The word Ayurveda is a conjugation of two Sanskrit words ‘ayus’, meaning ‘life’ and ‘veda’, meaning ‘science’, thus ayurveda literally means the ‘science of life’. Unlike other medicinal systems, Ayurveda focuses more on