Angarak yoga is formed by the connection of Mars and Rahu. Mars is fire and Rahu is oil. Mars gives aggression and Rahu makes a person violent by amplifying the qualities of Mars and if the tremendous energy generated by this combination is not channelized properly, then a person may get involved in illegal activities.

Negative Effects

When Rahu and Mars go malefic, the following effects come as a result.

• The native will not be at peace if he chooses politics.

• The native will suffer problems in property-related matters.

• The native will be very aggressive which will lead to sudden separations from family and close ones.

• The native must not be lazy, aggressive and selfish, it is unfavorable.

• The native will be aggressive and short-tempered which will create problems and revenge thoughts in him.

• Female native will have hassle and aggressive tone which can lead to unhappy married life.

• The native will get losses due to misunderstandings and disputes in business.

• The native will not be able to have any access to ancestral property.

• The person will struggle a lot.

• The native will have to visit doctors and lawyers regularly.

• The native may face stomach-related problems.

• The native will lose everything in his life if Lagna lord and Bhagya Paksha are not strong.

• The native’s mother may die early or maybe sick most of the time.

How Does Angarak Yog Affect Different Houses?

Below are the effects of Mangal Ketu Angarak Dosha Puja

• Angarak yoga in the first house of horoscope brings stomach-related issues, liver issues, a cruel mindset, and no emotions.

Second house angarak yoga in the horoscope makes unstable financial status, uncontrollable speech, fights with family members etc.

• Third house angarak yoga is quite bitter with all the relations in life.

• Fourth house angarak yoga means the native might have land disputes, tribulation, miserable things may happen etc.

• If a native has angarak yoga in their fifth house, female natives may have trouble in giving birth to children, dissatisfaction with children, interest in gambling, and all sorts of illegal activities.

• Angarak yoga in the 6th house makes the best sense, an individual can turn into a borrower, an advanced producer, an unfriendly, a ridiculous, person

Having Angarak yoga in the seventh house additionally brings despondency – questioned marriage life, ill-conceived relationship, fierce soul mate, widow or single man, and double-dealing in the organization.

• Financial misfortune, pain underneath the knees, wounds, and accidents are outcomes due to having Angarak yoga in the (eighth) house. Also, there is likewise the expansion property to meet and loot.

Benefit of Angarak Yog, Mangal Rahu Angark Dosh Nivaran Puja

1. The main benefit of this puja is, it removes the ill effects of Angarak Dosh from an Individual’s horoscope.

2. It helps in reducing anger, laziness, and violence.

3. It helps individuals in getting peace of mind and good relations with family and friends.

4. It helps in Destress your relationship and save you from separation from loved ones.

5. The puja drastically helps to improve the overall health.

6. It helps in improving mental focus on the goal of life.

7. It helps in removing all kinds of obstacles in career, and life.

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